Residential & Commercial Painting and Wood Staining Services


  Our Services Include:

    • Wood Staining
    • Wood Finishing
    • Commercial & Residential Painting
    • Kitchen Cabinets
Welcome to Derksen Finishing Company!  Our 4000 square-foot shop is located in Reinfeld (Winkler), Manitoba.  We have satisfied residential and commercial customers all over Manitoba, including Winnipeg, Winkler and Gimli.  We also serve Northwestern Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

We specialize in kitchen and bathroom cabinets, mouldings, casings, steel doors, garage doors and commercial doors!

Why choose Derksen Finishing Company?
We strive to deliver on time!
We use innovative automated and hand spraying equipment to guarantee a consistent finish.
We use only the highest end products to produce quality workmanship.

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